Cats 'left in freezer' to die at council pound

April 2, 2016

(Warning: distressing content)

I didn’t really want my first post on this page to be such an upsetting one, but it really shows what we’re up against in reforming council pounds in Australia.

"Cats 'left in freezer' to die: Volunteer workers at the Wagga Wagga pound describe finding cats in a freezer normally used for storing euthanised animals..."

Pounds kill pets. A lot of pets. Hundreds of pets. Tens of thousands of pets, in fact.

And when you kill tens of thousands of pets, something starts to happen.

You start to lose respect for them as individuals.

Which if you love your pet is an absolute and real danger to their lives. Because when people have no respect for pets as individuals, terrible, unimaginably horrible things start to happen.

Things like live cats ending up in a freezer and freezing to death.

You need pounds to be a safe place for your pet, should he ever become lost. When pounds are dangerous for pets, all of our pets are in danger.

If you love your pet, please become a patron to this project to drive for humane care for our companion animals.

Please join me and be a hero for pets.

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