Council animal pound under fire after freezing cats to death

April 3, 2016

‍Saviour the cat was rescued from a freezer at the Wagga Wagga council animal shelter by volunteer Belinda Oakman. 

Two separate incidents at a local council pound where volunteers discovered cats left in a freezer. One cat lived, but the other froze to death, wide eyed and surrounded by bloodstained claw marks. Dozens of other animals have disappeared from official records at the ratepayer-funded, council animal shelter.

And the response from the RSPCA when they were informed?

"RSPCA NSW Chief Inspector David O' Shannessy said following an extensive investigation, it was determined that "no proceedings" should commence as the RSPCA was not confident of proving "criminal charges beyond reasonable doubt".

"It should also be noted that there is currently no pound-specific animal welfare code of practice in force. This presents challenges when the RSPCA investigates complaints relating to the management of council pounds," he said."

A pound can freeze live cats and the RSPCA is not confident there has been an 'chargeable offence' committed.

If you or I was found to be torturing pets, there is no doubt that we would be in jail. But the normal laws of animal welfare don’t apply to pounds, according to the RSPCA.

Where does this leave you and your pet?

Terrible things can happen and absolutely no action will be taken against the pound involved. 

Your pet has no guarantee of safety whatsoever.

Demanding a pound system which preserves and protects pets is a requirement of ALL responsible pet owners. Your pet deserves the very best treatment and a world-leading animal management system - not a slow cruel death at the hands of a pound which simply doesn't care about him.

Please join the fight. We can't do this without you.

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