Council considers sending lost dogs home rather than to the pound

April 11, 2016

"Lost hounds being automatically sent to the pound may be a thing of past under a plan being considered by Frankston Council.

CEO Dennis Hovenden announced council was examining whether dogs that were microchipped or had identification tags should be directly returned to their owners. 

Suzanne Gardner, who is president of a Frankston dog owners’ group, told the Leader that the move was progressive..."

In Australia, a local council considering returning identified pets directly to their owners - rather than dumping them in the pound and holding them to ransom - is referred to as "progressive" animal management.This fact should worry every pet owner.

Why are we paying to have our pets microchipped, if it does not to allow them to be reunited with us as quickly as possible?

Why do we pay our pet registration fees, if it doesn't keep them out of the stressful, dirty, diseased and dangerous public pound?


Are animal management services in the business of getting loved pets home or thugging the public for cash?

Returning identified, lost pets to their owners isn't progressive; in fact it is an outrage that it isn't already standard procedure at absolutely all pounds in this country.

As pet owners, we need to be demanding the world's best pet management system.

Our pets deserve nothing less.

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