Dubbo pound wants to remind you to forget about pets

April 21, 2016

Dubbo Council pound site

On the 1st July 2014 the Dubbo pound contract at held by the RSPCA NSW for ten years, was handed back to Dubbo City council.

When the RSPCA NSW ran the pound, it killed nearly 80% of cat intakes and 34% of dog intakes. Now the City has take over running the Animal Shelter and it says;

“… the Shelter is a safe haven for lost and stray cats and dogs, keeping them protected until their owner (or a new owner) can be found..”

Dubbo City Council website

How’s the change in pound operators working out for the pets? From the Dubbo 2014/15 pound figures…

1041 Cat intakes

(23 reclaimed)


1,081 unclaimed


764 killed (73%)

5 adopted from pound

249 released to rescue

1451 Dog intakes

(582 reclaimed)


869 unclaimed


499 killed (34%)

172 adopted from pound

184 released to rescue

So since the RSPCA dropped out and the pound took over, 73% of cats and 34% of dogs still were still made dead.  And today the Dubbo pound wants to remind you that the pets are horrible and not worth saving;

“… We don't just get cute and cuddlies! So far this financial year we have had over 500 feral animals taken into the Shelter... euthanasia of these animals, as well as those that are too aggressive to rehome, is a service that Council has no option but to provide for the welfare of the animals and the protection of the community…”

Dubbo City Council Animal Shelter Facebook page

Given the pound has a policy of “immediate euthanasia of feral animals that are received” impounded cats behaving in a fearful and defensive manner - also known as perfectly normally for their species under the circumstances - are unlikely to survive the experience of landing in the pound. 7 out of 10 times cats end up dead. Regardless of whether or not they have a family looking for them.

Dubbo Council NEED you to buy the line that all the pet it kills are unsavable. Why? Because 1,263 dead pets is costing the ratepayer big bucks:

“… Council’s total expenditure on Companion Animals in 2014/2015 was $771,198 including the operation of the Dubbo Animal Shelter…”

Statutory Annual Report ‐ Dubbo City Council 2014/2015  

Killing pets keeps many well-paid, people in jobs. Very well paid jobs. 

Dubbo is not a huge pound. It takes in 2,500 pets in a city of 40,000 people. The fact it feels it has "no other choice" but to underperform at such a breathtaking levels and defends that performance is everything that is wrong with pound operations in Australia today.

If I were a ratepayer in Dubbo, I'd be feeling pretty ripped off right about now.

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