No Kill in Australia #1 - Michael Linke

April 13, 2017

In 2004, Bernie Murphy the then CEO of the RSPCA NSW wrote an article called 'No kill’ animal shelters are a misnomer' which asserted that No Kill shelters in the US and Australia were condemning animals to a ‘fate worse than death’ and that these same No Kill shelters were limit their intake of animals to only those they have room for, or those they consider adoptable.

Last week, Mark Townend the CEO of RSPCA Qld wrote a blog post called 'The "No Kill Shelter" Myth' which asserted that No Kill isn’t even a real thing - that it’s just a marketing ploy - that shelters who claim to be No Kill are just limiting their intake of animals to the nice, adoptable ones and that in fact by some shelters declaring themselves No Kill, they are damaging the entire sheltering industry and harming animals.

This unfortunate case of history repeating has inspired the following chats. Please enjoy!


For more than eight years Michael Linke was the RSPCA ACT's Chief Executive and lead a revolution against unnecessary shelter killing.

Before Michael started leading the RSPCA ACT, killing healthy animals was common practice, including killing animals for space.

In fact, it was said, killing was the first choice - until he committed to taking responsibility for getting the best outcome possible for every animal and in the process made euthanasia the very last option.

I chat to Michael about his experiences running a major state shelter, No Kill in Australia and the RSPCA's new statement that No Kill is nothing more than a "marketing ploy".

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Additional - Interview #2 Nathan J. Winograd

Nathan J. Winograd is an author, film-maker and director of the US No Kill Advocacy Center.

Nathan hardly need an introduction to animal advocates here in Australia, but he’s been fighting for the rights of shelter animals to have their lives protected since the 1990’s and his book and movie Redemption, have become the go-to reference for anyone looking to reform their local animal management processes. More information:

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