PetRescue's latest tax-time email is a triumph for rescue groups

June 9, 2018

PetRescue's latest tax-time email is a triumph for rescue groups.

The rescue groups who complained. The rescue groups who posted publicly about their dissatisfaction. The rescue groups who showed that they weren't bluffing, but deleting their accounts.

It is a triumph for these rescue groups, because this new email features no ‘The Adoptables.' And no sob-story solicitation for animal care donations, not going to animal care. Just a basic callout for a couple of dogs to be promoted and shared.

It is an unspoken acknowledgement by PetRescue that there was something terribly wrong with their previous donation solicitation strategy.

The problem wasn’t - as claimed for months by PetRescue management - a “grinch.” It wasn’t a “known bunch of whiners.” Or even mean and nasty "trolls."

PetRescue has now admitted - by abandoning their largest fundraiser of the year - that the problem is themselves and their own behaviour. And that they have been forced by their member rescue groups to change this behaviour significantly.

It would be nice to receive an apology for the personal, character assassination I've been subjected to by PetRescue, for talking publicly about these problems - but I'll happily take more ethical behaviour from the organisation in the future.

Is it too late to regain the trust of rescue groups? Time will tell; rescuers tend to be slow to forget. But if PetRescue commits to staying out of intensive/emotive fundraising space, and ensuring all direct-from-public donations are directed to rescue groups... anything could happen.

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