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October 28, 2016

Killing pound pets just isn't ok anymore, and you made that change!

In 2008 Saving Pets was launched as a place to research and discuss the animal sheltering industry in Australia and - thanks to you - we've now grown to be a significant influencer on sheltering policy and the public's perception of animal management. Killing pound pets isn't 'business as usual' anymore, and you made that change happen!

Just take the way pounds are discussed in the media. Nearly every piece of media in the early 2,000's was to lament high shelter kill rates and to waggle an accusing finger at the "irresponsible" public. Now, high kill shelters are given the bollocking they deserve, and animal adoptions are promoted non-stop, year-round. Pounds and shelters who abuse animals - or kill pets unnecessarily - can expect a huge outcry from their community, who will demand that they change for the better.

You did that.

When a pet is unnecessarily killed at a pound or shelter, he is no longer able to be written off as just a statistic. Our pounds and shelters are accountable like never before. We love our pets and we want to see all needy pets protected. We will no longer fund shelters who use killing as a convenient way to manage their pet populations.

We gift over $250 million dollars every year to charity pounds and shelters. They have at their disposals a further $440 million in cash, property and assets. It is not a resourcing issue, but outdated processes and incompetent management.

Our pets deserve better.

We have already made a huge impact, but you can help keep up this momentum. The Saving Pets project is totally funded by pet lovers like you. If you can, please make an investment.

Safe pounds are within our reach. Thank you for caring!

Shel :)

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