Canning Council takes a stand on animal killing

November 1, 2016

What if all councils recognised that their community gives them animal management funds to protect - not abuse and kill - pets?

And that protecting our pet family members is an election issue?

What message does it send to our major animal 'welfare' group - the RSPCA - who still defends their right to use killing to manage their own shelter populations?

What if WE - the community - were the ones who knew what we wanted from our public agencies all along, but we'd been lied to; told killing was as appropriate as not killing?

What if killing isn't kindness, but in fact the worst kind of animal abuse?

A message from Patrick HALL - Canning Councillor (WA) on Wednesday.


This weeks Canning Times contains a small but important story. My motion for the City to establish a "Pro-Life Policy for Impounded Companion Animals" - previously only a draft, has passed unanimously through the Council, and the Policy is now endorsed and in place!

The policy provides strong governance around the protection of impounded animals in the care of the City of Canning, and dictates that euthanasia will only be considered as an absolute 'last resort'. 

A wonderful result for animals, and ground-breaking Policy for a local government. Please share if you think other Councils should follow Canning's lead. #speakingupforanimals

A absolutely great outcome for the pets of the City of Canning.

A newspaper article from August with a history of these policy improvements

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