Dogs Refuge Home (WA) delete their PetRescue membership

September 3, 2020

The Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park is a beloved Western Australian charity and is likely the largest physical dog shelter in WA. It was a foundation member of the PetRescue website - joining literally days after the site launched in 2004.

And after nearly two decades, they have this week deleted their PetRescue account.

Citing that they have become "uncomfortable" with being associated with the website, they announced the departure on their facebook page along with giving PetRescue a thorough schooling on why they've chosen to leave.

They have some feelings on generosity;

"We just want to say a big congratulations to SavourLife for reaching an amazing milestone - $2 million dollars donated to rescue groups around Australia! 👏

Rescue isn’t easy and we all rely very heavily on support and donations from individuals and organisations to enable us to save the thousands of abandoned dogs we take into our care across WA each year. In the last 12 months alone we have received over $7,000 in cash donations from SavourLife and over $10,000 worth of food🙏 - we now stock their food in our shop and list our dogs on their website here -->"

They have some feelings on internet platforms snaffling donations intended for the dogs;

"We also have our own fabulous website and we encourage you to visit it regularly and check out all of our very deserving dogs who are looking for homes - our website is automatically updated every hour and provides information on events we have coming up and how you can support us.

😍 By donating directly via our website, you can be assured that 100% of your donation goes to our dogs.

We have made the decision to no longer list our dogs on the Pet Rescue website for a number of reasons, although we do value the added exposure it has given us over the years. For anyone who has donated to us via the Pet Rescue site we thank you – in the last 14 years we have received a total of $920.

We strongly encourage anyone who wants to donate money to a rescue group, to please do it DIRECTLY via your local rescue – we can assure you they need your donation and will put it straight towards saving dogs and paying for vet bills."

They have some feelings on internet platforms encouraging people to sell their pets online and calling it 'rescue'

We also ask anyone who is considering re-homing their dog to contact us in Perth, or your local rescue group for advice. Any dog surrendered to us will be sterilised, vaccinated, micro-chipped and behaviour assessed, then made available for adoption.

For the safety of your pets, please do not place them on Gumtree or any other similar platform, and never offer your pet ‘free to a good’ home.

And they have a final up yours to platforms who claim to be representing rescue groups, while only helping themselves;

A heartfelt thank you to all our supporters and to those wonderful organisations like SavourLife who are giving profits and food back to rescues like us to help make a genuine difference to the rescue community.

Next week PetRescue is running #PetHack - a vanity project inviting the tech, retail and advertising sectors to join them in "solving" the homeless pet problem.

But while PetRescue are schmoozing corporates and waxing lyrical with, in their words, "the brightest minds in tech"...

... one by one their rescue group members are quietly dropping PetRescue's services in favour of other platforms who genuinely appreciate and support the rescue community.


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