Is this $80,000 Gorman fundraiser actually going to help pets?

May 10, 2019

In mid-April, PetRescue re-launched the Safe & Sound Pounds program from 2015.

PetRescue claimed this program has four components;
- Hackathon and App
- Fighting micro-battles
- Vet Recruitment
... with the only 'boots on the ground' program being an Urban Stray Cat Desexing Trial.

This "Give monthly" donate button went to PetRescue. It was changed after they received negative feedback.

This cat management trial is actually being run by The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation (APWF). And it seemed like a weird inclusion in an otherwise web/online and administrative heavy "program".

Then, it all became clear at the beginning of May.

It's a fundraiser! Of course it is.

The dogs featured in the campaign are owned by PetRescue staff, but this isn't mentioned on their profiles.

Floyd was adopted from the Lost Dogs Home (unmentioned) and is owned by PetRescue's Director
Harvey is owned by PetRescue's Project & Partnerships Manager. 
Mishka is owned by PetRescue's Rescue Member Application Manager

And this isn't any kind of small fundraiser. The 2018 campaign generated over $80,000 for the Guide Dogs Victoria.

$80,000 and how much of that is going to the cats?

“The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation have no funding for this project...”

This is the response from the APWF when asked about the current status of their cat management project.

Given the importance PetRescue gave to this cat management trial, that the trial is a core program of the newly resurrected "Safe & Sound Pounds" campaign, and the large sum being raised by this fundraiser - will PetRescue support the APWF financially?

There have been no public declarations of a shared interest by PetRescue. But to fundraise using a program they're not financially contributing to, would be a gross misrepresentation in fundraising.

"PetRescue Co-Founder & Joint CEO, Vicky Davy said... "We want a future where every pet in Australia is safe, respected and loved. There is no one clear answer to the current pound problem in Australia so we have developed a raft of initiatives to tackle the issues from many angles – this includes working directly with council pounds, a pilot desexing program, utilising technology and recruiting vet clinics."
Elle Magazine

There is a genuine financial commitment to desexing here. Another 'Desexmas' would be inexcusable.

PetRescue need to cough up.


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