How does PetRescue support community rescue groups

December 6, 2023

Since 2003, PetRescue has claimed to delivering "a transformed animal welfare system that protects and cares for vulnerable pets."

And that by supporting PetRescue, you are helping thousands of happy rescue groups, working in collaboration with PetRescue to do the work they do.

But how realistic is this?

Total rescue group members (all time) 1,610

Rather than being a huge "disrupting" movement, less than 2,000 rescue groups have ever had PetRescue accounts. While thanks to PetRescue's team of communications staff and a predatory fundraising strategy moving donations from the public away from the rescue groups who need those funds to operate to PetRescue's own coffers, we see a huge failure/unsubscribe rate for rescue groups.

Total groups (active) 870 (54%)

Total groups (deleted) 740 (45%)

That is - nearly half the time - a rescue group who joins PetRescue will not be able to make the PetRescue model work for them and will either financially collapse, close up shop, or choose to leave the site so as to no longer share their group's IP and adopter details with PetRescue.

Below is a spreadsheet detailing all PetRescue's members since they launched.

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