How much longer is Blue Cross Animals Society going to be non-functioning?

November 7, 2018

*Blue Cross Animals Society of Victoria is a medium-sized, pro-life shelter about an hour out of Melbourne, who has capacity for around 50 dogs and cats. In 2016 the organisation took in about 380 animals (190 cats/kittens and 190 dogs). Their live release rate was just shy of 90%.

In August 2017 the organsation started a refurbishment on the property, which is still ongoing. Their intake rate for the year dropped by nearly a quarter, with just 280 pets entering the facility.

The renovation has continued throughout 2018 and as a result this year the organisation will only receive around 150 pets. And currently they're working to empty their shelter entirely of animals, with cats being offered for $20 and all dogs being cleared from the site.

Normally a small private shelter closing for a time would not be a cause for much discussion; but Blue Cross has not give a time frame for when these refurbishments will be finished. Or for how much longer their very, very small intakes number will sit at practically none.

Meanwhile, while very few animals are being helped, Blue Cross will maintain their generous cash surplus*.

Over $4 million dollars last year.

And they will maintain their investments.

Another $4 million dollars last year.

And finally someone will still be being paid over $50,000 just to manage these investments.

With rescue groups and small shelters across the state of Victoria struggling for funds to help animals, is it appropriate for such huge resources to sit in the bank of a non-functional shelter?

Where is the public release of the plan for the works?

Blue Cross needs to tell their (very generous) supporters how long these refurbishments will take, and when they will again be helping pets.

Blue Cross needs to be a lot more transparent about their operations, if it wants to maintain such a high level of community support.

*Full financials available at ACNC

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