Pet industry looks to connect with the public to cement the rights of commercial puppy breeders

June 10, 2018

The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) represents the pet industry and tend to make themselves most visible when the discussion of commercial pet breeding (or "puppy farming") is debated, arguing for the side of keeping puppies in stores.

Currently of its 8 member Board of Directors, 2 are large-scale commercial pet breeders supportive of puppies being sold in retail stores for profit.

They have relaunched their failing 'PIAA Pet Expo' for a new expo distancing themselves, from themselves... Auspet.

This year the expo is opening to the public and hopes to attract over 10,000 pet lovers.

"This is a great opportunity for not only industry to connect with consumers, but also the perfect scenario for PIAA to grow our brand awareness amongst the general public." ~ Mark Fraser PIAA CEO

But they can't do this without industry support, which is why they are celebrating the following brands have come on board to help them cement the rights of commercial puppy breeders in Australia.


Be sure to let these brand know your feelings about their participation in this event.

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Commercial breeding in Australia

Update 10 June 2018

Info from the sponsor prospectus.

BlackHawk is a major sponsor, having purchased the Conference Sponsorship package

Floor plan

Shelley Craft is the event ambassador

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