PetRescue begins cherry picking surrenders; side-stepping rescue groups

August 18, 2020

PetRescue to rescue groups - what you're doing can be done by any Joe-abandonment via our new in-house, rescue impersonation program "Home2Home".

Ignoring for one minute that "happy, healthy, loved pets" that "move directly to a new home" are any genuine rescue groups' bread and butter as they provide the money that pays for those many desperate pets who do cost more to rescue because of their "behaviour or medical needs"...

.... and that with PetRescue enthusiastically redirecting donations from the pockets of rescue groups with fundraisers like "Desexmas", all that remains are the adoption fees rescue groups can recoup to fund their work...

.... putting all that aside, how in the name of premium kittenfood did the major umbrella group for rescue groups nationally go from building up the reputation and importance of rescue groups, to running down the very work ("adopter questionnaires, home checks and formal dog assessments") that they do?

A Home2Home dog being sold online by PetRescue

PetRescue has made it extremely clear; rescue groups are a hinderance to their success and as such they're phasing you out.

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