PetRescue's financials 2018/19; $1 million to own employees, $108 to rescue groups

December 2, 2019

It's annual report time! So let's dig right in to PetRescue's 2018/19 report <--- Link to the acnc reported financials here - don't trust me, read them for yourself.

First, revenue;

Over $1.5 million dollars revenue in a single year. A little shy of $650,000 in corporate sponsorships, while the organisation received a staggering $680,000 from the public via donations and bequests.

So how did PetRescue spend this massive charity gift from the public? Well, according to them...

PetRescue is an "animal welfare organisation" where "100% of donations" are going to help pets.

This is the organisation's spend in 2018/19.

Over $1 million dollars went directly into the pockets of PetRescue staff. About $70k went into advertising, $60k into rent and $54k into website expenses. $44k was spent on travel expenses.

PetRescue gave $109 to rescue groups. Not a typo. PetRescue gave rescue groups a hundred bucks.

The Directors' wages are up in 2019.

These two staff taking packages over $150k each. While the PetRescue team has grown to seven full time staff and seven part time staff.

PetRescue finished the financial year with $522,316 cash in the bank and a bank loan of $82,500 (what for?).

What is the results of this investment?

Dogs listed are as low 2013. Dogs rehomed are down by nearly half since 2015.

Cats listings are also down and rehomes are sitting at 2015 levels. Lending validity to the suggestion that PetRescue continuing to canabalise rescue resources by taking donations intended for rescue pets, and spending them on growing their own team year on year, is reducing rescue groups' ability to rescue.

But what about PetRescue's claims that their "programs" more than make up for monies lost by rescue.

Community cat programs

Literally their first program under their "Our Work" page.

Zero dollars have been given to cat groups in 2019. Zero dollars were spent on desexing cats by PetRescue in 2019. 

The Safe and Sound Pounds was designed to increase the number of pets that were advertised for adoption on PetRescue by pounds and city shelters. According to PetRescue, approximately 100,000 pets need PetRescue advertising.

But PetRescue listings are down, not up. Rescue groups are listing less pets. And 100,000 pets certainly haven't been listed by pounds.

The PetRescue team has been out promoting the campaign, however.

And what is the new rebranded pound reform model based on?

Not even kidding. It's yoga.

Is PetRescue providing $1.5 million dollars of value to the community?

"100% of donations to PetRescue go into our awesome programs and services.."
  • $1 million dollars is currently being spent on maintaining PetRescue's team of 14 paid staff.
  • PetRescue is adopting less pets than previous years, by a significant amount. "Why" could very well be that rescues have less resources than ever.
  • PetRescue has over a half a million dollars cash at hand and an $80,000 loan for unspecified use. <--- seriously though - what was this for?
  • And PetRescue's current Christmas fundraiser features a dog that PetRescue never met, without the permission of the rescue group who saved the dog's life, and without mentioning the rescue group at all (much to the dismay of the new adopted family who gave their story in good faith).... and, quite tellingly, not a fundraiser based on work done by PetRescue or their 14 staff, or with their $1.5 million in resources. Why does PetRescue need to piggyback on the work of rescue groups, rather than the results of their own "programs"?

But the final insult to the rescue community?

Remember when the brother of JB* the Director of PetRescue, was gifted a senior management role of "CFO, Major donor and Bequest Manager", in PetRescue's paid team?

Well, PetRescue have a new employee. JB's wife in another PAID role!

Funny how all the very best candidates to work at this charity are family members of PetRescue's directors.

If this isn't ok with you

If you would like to give feedback to the ACNC about PetRescue's charity behaviour - they can be contacted here.

You can also report the organisation to Fair Trading in your state.

Don't give your pet-related christmas donation to PetRescue, assuming it will 'trickle down' some how into animal care. It does not. Donate to rescue groups directly.


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