Ranger, vet confirm; cat 'temperament testing' can't tell a feral cat from a pet one.

May 23, 2018

You might remember the story of 'Bubs' the cat killed by Armadale Council in WA back in March;

City of Armadale rangers are pathetic. My neighbour caught one of my cats and handed her into the rangers (she didnt know it was our cat) And only a few hours after having her they murdered her, because they deemed her as feral. She was microchipped, desexed and registered and still was murdered. On the website it states that they give the animals 96 hours to be identified but no my cat was giving not even a day. This is completely unacceptable and just wrong. My cat was murdered by the Armadale Ranges and instead of answering my mums questions they hung up on her and we are not even allowed to pick up her ashes.
**found out that they only gave her an hour and four minutes before they euthanised her**

Well this story has finally appeared in the media, as council address the complaint about their processes;

City chief executive Ray Tame said an experienced ranger and a registered veterinarian reviewed the cat and were convinced it was feral based on its appearance and behaviour.

This decision is in line with the Western Australia Cat Act 2011, which allows cats to be euthanised immediately if an animal management facility operator believes that it is feral.


He claimed their belief was supported by the facts that no cats were registered at Ms Owttrim’s family property, that a microchip could not be detected and it was not wearing a collar.

I'm sorry what?

Either this temp test can reliably tell a pet cat from a feral one or it can't.

Where the cat did or did not live, or the compliance of his owner, or his microchip availability, are actually irrelevant in determining the behaviour of the cat. The WA Cat Act has a foundational assertion - one that is has literally life or death decisions relying on it - the notion that a 'temp test' can tell a pet cat from a feral one.

But it's ok - council has a strategy to remedy the situation.

He urged residents to have all pets registered with the city to stop similar mishaps occurring.

“If cats are registered and microchipped, the incidence of pets being euthanised as strays/feral will be reduced,” he said.

So it's sorry, not sorry.

Council are admitting that it can't actually tell pet cats from a feral cat with the test it used as a basis to kill pets in less time than it takes to say "honey have you seen the cat?" and without holding them so their owners can have even a sporting chance of finding them; but it's ok because in future when council kill pet cats by accident, owners will continue to be blamed, because you suck.

Armadale rangers will investigate themselves and have found no wrong doing, the end.

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