RSPCA WA Gingin raid, following animal outcomes

June 27, 2018

Update 20 July

Update 12 July

More updates at end of article...


On the 19th January, the RSPCA WA attended a property in Gingin (about an hour out of Perth) and seized a bunch of pets, as the owner had contravened local laws in keeping too many animals. The RSPCA reported that it had removed 46 dogs and 20 cats. 

The individual animals seized can be seen here; 

Page #1 - "French bulldog" type (20)

Page #2 - "Chihuahua" type (14)

Page #3 - All the rest (10)

Page #4 - Cats (13)

Total animals = (57) from "over 70" = 13

This will become a working document, detailing outcomes and will updated as new information comes to light. 

Media after the raid

Update 31 January 2018

Update 6 February 2018

Update 9 February 2018

Update 15 February 2018

Five dogs were adopted yesterday.

The three french bulldogs were China, Jasper and Taylor (details here) and the crested Annabel (details here).

But what was truly remarkable was the lines of potential adopters out the door of the facility.

With such a huge demand for these first five dogs, there should be no problem with finding homes for the rest of the 65 remaining pets.

Update 16 February 2018

Given there is no chance for these pets to be 'reclaimed', here are the unclaimed dog outcomes for the RSPCA WA for the past ten years. Groups may be justified in worrying about these animals and their safety.

Update 17 February 2018

Three more dogs adopted:
Cookie (chi
Paris (hairless) and
Bertie (small white fluffy)

Update 2 March 2018

The RSPCA WA Media account has asked me to stop contacting them;

From: RSPCAWA Media
Date: Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 11:49 AM

Sorry, I’m not sure why you would need to track any outcomes? And this email address is strictly for media enquiries... I think the public are interested in seeing these animals find their happy new homes so we will continue to update them through Facebook as that is the most efficient way for us to do so. If you want to request  more comprehensive information you can do so through DPIRD, as that is who we report to.

As of today (2nd March) the last Facebook update on the Gingin animals was 14th February.

Update 4 March 2018

Dogs used for fundraising again.

Gingin puppy being adopted for $2,500

RSPCA Update June 2018

RSPCA Update 16 May 2018


18 dogs adopted

12 cats adopted

= 30 pets adopted

2 cats euthed

1 dog euthed

1 cat died

1 dog died

= 5 deceased pets

= 35 pets accounted for - or 50% of intakes, four months after seizure

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