A major WA rescue pulls the plug on PetRescue

December 29, 2019

SAFE Perth joined PetRescue in 2007 - 13 years ago - or when the website looked like this.

As a founding member SAFE Perth were one of the first to be brought over to the new platform in 2013, giving them a member number of 67 (of what is now hundreds). SAFE Perth were one of PetRescue's earliest success stories - demonstrating that a symbiotic relationship between the PetRescue website and a community rescue group could lead to great benefits to both parties. PetRescue got an extraordinarily experienced and 'hard-slog' rescue group who knew how to make successful pet matches listing on the PetRescue website; while SAFE Perth got exposure to adopters it couldn't buy.

SAFE Perth was also one of the first groups to try out the 'PetRescue feed' on their website, as the case study for same.

And SAFE Perth were always willing to lend a carer, adopter or pet for a media or corporate event, and was vital in establishing PetRescue's early media presence.

"PetRescue is an invaluable tool for SAFE Perth. The interface that both potential adopters and rescue groups use is simple and immediate, putting both parties in contact via a medium that is the first point of inquiry for anyone wanting to responsibly find a new pet. The support we receive from Shel and the team is of immense benefit to our carers - all thanks and kudos to PetRescue!" - Sue, SAFE Perth President (2008)

SAFE Perth was established and professional, which is why they were also the first group to participate in the very first PETstock In-store Adoption day in 2009.

In that same year, SAFE Perth would kindly provide dogs to be used in the first ever PEDIGREE Adoption Drive promotion in Australia, including Otis who was featured in a photoshoot and printed on PEDIGREE dog food cans.

As one of the largest community foster care groups in WA, SAFE Perth is a significant organisation in WA - PetRescue's home town. PetRescue owed SAFE Perth a huge debt for their support from the very earliest days. SAFE Perth have listed over 8,000 pets on the PetRescue website. SAFE Perth are experienced and skillful operators, who required absolutely no hand-holding. They are not known for frivolous flights of fancy, or playing attention-getting politics. Had PetRescue treated them well and provided them a fair and beneficial service, they would have almost certainly quietly gone on rescuing pets and saving lives.

With PetRescue's fifteen paid staff it should have been an absolute cinch for PetRescue to consult regularly with - and meet the needs of - this most significant stakeholder. In short, this is the account PetRescue should never have lost. And yet here we are.

- Lost donations

- Misleading fundraising practices

- Misdirected donors

All harming the rescue movement. All making it harder for rescue groups to keep saving pets. All unfair and unsupportive to the rescue groups who make the PetRescue website possible.

(And not a 'disgruntled ex-employee' in sight).

It's a damn shame that the overwhelmingly positive service PetRescue once provided is being destroyed by demolished trust, a lack of respect shown to rescue groups and an arrogance of PetRescue not addressing rescue group's concerns.

Rescue groups are telling PetRescue something. The question is, will they listen?


Another group speaks out.

If PetRescue can't do relationship management with the rescue groups in their home state - what even are the fifteen staff doing all day?

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