Should our rescue group be part of 'The Adoptables'?

October 10, 2018

In 2016 PetRescue ran in their words “... a fundraising and adoption drive at the same time....”.

The campaign 'The Adoptables' would tell the stories of special needs pets that needed adoption in a donation solicitation at tax time. Rescue groups would get the “exposure” and PetRescue would keep the money. For what? Web development.

The success of the Adoptables fundraising campaign means we are able to begin development of the long-awaited Matchmakers Project - an innovative tech solution to lighten the workload of rescue group members, cut down the number of unsuitable applications, improve the experience for all potential pet adopters and find the right home for pets faster.

At Tax Time (June) in 2016

Header from fundraising newsletter, Jun 24, 2016

PetRescue pitched to build themselves a new website and to add a bunch of new features to their website. An undisclosed amount of money was raised.

No money went to rescue groups to care for pets.

This campaign was nominated for a Fundraising Institute of Australia "Excellence in Fundraising" Award. And PetRescue rebuilt themselves a "new mobile responsive website" which was launched in May 2017.

Impact report page - 2017

At Tax Time (June) 2017

Banners and donation page June 2017

PetRescue again ran 'The Adoptables' collecting for 'The Matchmaker Project'.

Fundraising soliciation newsletter - Jun 24, 2017

During the previous year's PetRescue got the feedback that maybe it shouldn't be collecting money for special needs pets, when it had no intention of giving money to those pets. In response,PetRescue dedicated one day - the final day - of fundraising to rescue groups.

'The Adoptables' revenue totals were
$180,000 to PetRescue
$50,000 for vet work ($25k raised, $25 matched by Woolworths).

This $50k was shared amongst a handful of groups who had given their stories to use in the solicitation. While PetRescue banked nearly $180,000 for this project, same as the last project. And spent just $8k on paid advertising for pets in the same year.

The 2018 'The Adoptables' campaign has now launched...

... and groups are being asked for their stories.

And before participating, rescue groups need to be asking what are the parameters for this re-launched campaign? Is it going to be PetRescue's Christmas fundraiser? Will the stories be used to raise funds for either PetRescue or PETstock Assist? Do these photos go into PetRescue's database of stock photos to use at their discretion? Do "communications features" mean PetRescue talking to the new owners of pets after adoption?

In short, is this new 'The Adoptables' more beneficial to groups than it has been to date?

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