February 18, 2019

It's the middle of PetRescue's week-long "Desexmas" button Valentine's Day fundraiser for rescue groups (of which there's been no promotion, or big-ups for the individual rescue groups who actually supported PetRescue and signed up for their button), but that's no reason for PetRescue to do a fundraising promotion for themselves, is it?

Of course not!

Last night, PetRescue emailed their supporters to wax lyrical about how vital they are to the rescue community.

02/18/2019 - We nose you’ll love this, << Test First Name >>!

But of course PetRescue need a prop pet for their campaign, so back in November of last year they started the process of finding one.

Introducing Susan.

The rescue group no doubt thought that PetRescue was offering to help was just a selfless act. The volunteer photographer who would give up their time to take new photos of Susan likely thought the same. But nothing is ever selfless when it comes to PetRescue's programs.

The volunteer photographer (who was not associated with PetRescue outside giving up their time for free to work on a campaign for them) took this great shot.

PetRescue would cut off the photographer's watermark and rebrand it for their own use.

Then they hit the media.

"PetRescue's The Adoptables campaign" was the major fundraiser for the organsation, where they raised money using pets without giving any money to those pets. Now it is part of their corporate sponsorship mix.

But PetRescue wasn't finished using Susan to further their goals.

From their newsletter

Article - Susan’s still grumpy.

Rescue groups need to be aware that PetRescue's "help" always comes with a side helping of their own self-advancement. This week was supposed to be about fundraising for rescuers, but instead PetRescue are again tooting their own horn.

Understand that if you allow PetRescue to involve themselves in your rescue process, that this help will likely be used in their fundraising solicitations luring and keeping potential supporters from giving to rescue groups directly. You will be helping them keep misleading the public into thinking a donation to them, is superior to a donation to rescue. 

It's time to stop giving PetRescue the benefit of the doubt because they've shown time and time again, they simply don't deserve it.

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