We rescued this pet and now PetRescue is using them to fundraise (Tax-Time 2021 edition)

July 5, 2021


Buddy (known as 'OJ' before he was adopted) was rescued by a small community group who rescues a couple of hundred pets a year. A small group of unpaid volunteers who do all of their work on a shoestring, with a tiny budget.

This rescue group saved Buddy. They found a carer for Buddy. They gave him vet care and fed him and got him ready for a new family. All volunteer work.

Buddy has this tax-time featured in a major fundraiser; but not for the group who saved his life.

No, the fundraiser is for an organisation who contributed nothing to Buddy's care. A group who hasn't even met Buddy.

From their tax-time solicitations....

PetRescue newsletter (Link - Mailchimp)

PetRescue Article: https://www.petrescue.com.au/library/articles/buddy-finds-buddies-for-life
PetRescue Newsletter Solicitation: Mailchimp Link

PetRescue Tax Time 2021 donate page

Rather than help dogs like Buddy, 90% of income generated by PetRescue goes to their own staff. Last year, the organisation generated $1.8 million dollars, with $485k in "office" expenses and employee expenses of $1.1 million. Less than $1 in $10 is going anywhere but into PetRescue staff's personal pockets, or their computers, or their travel, or their accountants, or their office rent. None of the money went to helping rescue groups with actual cash-money. Or investment in their operations.

So while community rescue groups, collapse under the strain of COVID restrictions, cancelled fundraising events and major floods and bushfires, PetRescue steps in after the fact to scoop up the donations genuine these rescue groups need to survive.

No money whatsoever went to dogs like Buddy, despite the cute pics and lengthy, heart-warming, tax-time solicitations.

In the words of a rescue group volunteer;

"... it sucks that these people are getting money and the people doing the hard work (are) getting nothing."

Yes. Yes it does.

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