What No Kill is NOT

It’s not about hoarding and keeping animals in cages for life.

No Kill is focused on proactive solutions that keep animals moving through the system and on to a better future. It’s all about what you can do to return lost pets home, reduce numbers entering the pound system, treat and rehabilitate pets through rescue partners and adopt pets into new homes.

It’s not keeping inappropriate animals

No Kill allows for ‘euthanasia’ in the true meaning of the word. It allows for the compassionate ending of an animal’s life, for humane reasons - when animals are too sick, or too damaged to continue to live safely in the community.

The aim of No Kill is to stop the killing of healthy, treatable pets simply for convenience.

It’s not expensive to implement

Many No Kill programs are focused on opening the pound to community volunteers and rescue groups, and keeping pets out of the pound system - all of which ultimately SAVES time, and reduces pet holding and care costs.

It’s what pet-loving communities want

Public awareness and expectations have changed a lot in the last decade. Communities no longer want our pounds to act as an extension of rubbish collection and disposal. They want pets to be respected, protected, treated, rehabilitated and given a second chance.

No Kill is the aspiration of every pet-loving community

The No Kill principles

The Safe Pounds Guidebooks

A series of three guidebooks created to uncover the issues prevalent in many pet shelters all around Australia and recommendations on how to fix them.

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