PetRescue saves Maggie... from PetRescue?

September 14, 2021

PetRescue's pilot Home2Home program works by bypassing rescue, and instead allows new owners to sell direct to the public... and call it "rescue".

"Home2Home is a PetRescue program designed to empower a pet owner to find a new home for their pet, helping towards stemming the flow of pets entering rescue. It operates Australia-wide, assisting pets and humans all over the country." (ref)
Maggie (as featured here in PetRescue's 'The Impact of your Kindness' pages)

When Maggie the bull arab mix needed rehoming, PetRescue was happy to use her as a post child for their fantastic new program!

Maggie finds a new home via PetRescue’s owner support service

When Kelly decided to make the leap and move to Italy in 2020, the decision was not made lightly. She knew a relocation for her furry soulmate Maggie would be difficult and parting ways with her would be heart-breaking.
Kelly isn’t alone. Hundreds of pet owners have to make the difficult decision of finding new homes for their pets when they are relocating to a different country or moving homes.

In desperate times they often turn to over-flowing shelters, their network of friends and family, or online marketplaces. However, these options are not always the best for a pet.

“Putting your pet up for adoption on online marketplaces can be a daunting experience. One major worry was that I wouldn’t know where Maggie could end up if the adoption didn’t work out - especially being in Italy! I felt Home2Home provided a crucial solution for this - the safety net. This meant that if Maggie’s adoption didn’t work out for some reason, Home2Home would ensure that I was notified and she was cared for by a trusted rescue organisation while going through the adoption process again. This gave me peace of mind that no matter what, she would be safe.”

And this is where PetRescue’s owner support service, Home2Home helped Kelly find a new great home for her pet.

“Rehoming Maggie via Home2Home proved quite beneficial. Right from the start, the team were very involved in helping me get Maggie’s profile up and constantly checked in until Maggie was adopted. They helped me build the profile and suggested screening questions that I could use for applicants. This was a crucial part in helping me narrow down the applications to just a handful.
After receiving multiple enquiries from adopters, Kelly finally found the perfect adopter for her furry best friend…
... Helping Maggie find a new home didn’t just put Kelly’s mind at ease, but also changed the life of Maggie and her new human who found each other. ❤️ Read how Maggie has changed the life of her adopter Natasha.

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What a lovely story! And now another article on the PetRescue website, this time from the adopters perspective...

When humans come together for a special pet ✨

Maggie had been listed on PetRescue via PetRescue’s pet owner support service Home2Home when Natasha found her and sent an enquiry.

I was so happy the owner got to be so thorough in her search for Maggie’s new home. She set up a zoom interview that quickly felt more like a social catch up sharing thoughts and dreams of Maggie’s future life. I got to visit Maggie with her foster parents a couple of times and even joined her for a walk.  I just knew Maggie would love her new life in Chelsea with Bella and I. It was bittersweet but I knew Bella would have some peace of mind knowing I’d have someone there to care for when she was ready to pass.”

Support from Maggie’s previous owner

Natasha recalls that helping Maggie settle in was much much easier than expected thanks to the advice offered by Maggie’s previous owner as a part of Home2Home.

Maggie was truly lucky as her humans communicated and kept each other updated throughout the adoption process. This had an immense impact on how well Maggie adjusted in her new home and with her owner.

It's truly fantastic how PetRescue has removed the "rescue" element from rescuing pets and now just lets people self-serve: so very - to use PetRescue's own term "disruptive".

But what of Maggies previous owner? Who is she to be offering such a great adoption advice to Maggies new family?

Well, if you visit the PetRescue 'Our People' page, and scroll down to their Corporate Partnership Development Manager you'll find a lady named Kelly.

Who has a dog named Maggie.

And if you look this same Kelly up on LinkedIn, you'll find she's now based out of Italy.

And here's a photo of Kelly and Maggie together, from PetRescue's Home2Home advertisement for her dog.

Maggies PetRescue sale page

How lovely that PetRescue now, not only does their own fake rescuing, but that they also now do pet-flipping for their own staff. PetRescue is playing pretend, all the way to the bank.

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